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We put the FUN into Fundraising!

We have a new way to help you raise money and have some fun and it doesn’t cost you a dime… Host a paint-your-own night at Color Me Mine and we’ll donate 50% of all sales from your party to your organization.

Who We Are: If you haven’t visited yet, Color Me Mine is a friendly place where you can create your own artwork on the pottery piece of your choice. There are over 400 different styles of pottery in stock, and we always have seasonal/holiday items to choose from as well. All the paints and glazes are non-toxic, lead free, and are food safe. Prices typically range from $12 to $50 with a fee of $10 for adults and $7 for kids. The Basics: Invite your closest friends and supporters to a Sunday evening “Paint-Your-Own Pottery Party” from 6-9pm. While at your party, your guests socialize, enjoy the food and drink you have provided for them, paint their own pottery and make your organization some money!

How It Works:  

  • ♥ You set the date with Color Me Mine and send out the invitations. 
  • ♥ Your guests pay our regular rates for our bisque items and studio fee’s. 
  • ♥ You bring in any food or drink you’d like to “theme” your party.
  • ♥ When your last guest has checked out we’ll tally the sales and write a check for half.
  • ♥ Keep In Mind: You may want to gear your party to adults as they typically paint more expensive pieces and their studio fee’s are higher. Theme your party so that planning is easier and more fun. For tropical night you could serve rum and punch and hand out leis. The possibilities are endless… Valentines, Luau, Karaoke, you name it. Tie this event in with another fundraiser (like a raffle) and you could really bring hoe the bacon.
  • Fine Print -A minimum of 15 painters is required for the event.
  • ♥ $50 staffing charge and all taxes deducted from the total
  • ♥ Cash, Credit and Debit cards are the only forms of acceptable payment; Coupons and Gift certificates are not accepted for payment from your guests.

How do you sign up? You meet the qualifications and you are ready to PARTY!

Call us at Color Me Mine and we’ll get your group scheduled!

Tile Wall…. “You Can Go Miles With Our Tiles”


Skip the bake sales and book fairs and raise some real money while adding a priceless addition to your building at the same time! All of your friends & members can paint a commercial-grade tile. We’ll glaze it & fire it and you hang it. This is an easy & creative way to make money for your school, church or temple. Organizations have raised thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in a single day Tile Wall event. Those who have bought the tiles paint them with our under glazes we’ll help with this part. We will glaze and fire the tiles. Your tile contractor installs the tiles on a wall at your facility. With a tile wall fundraiser, kids and parents can paint ceramic tiles together that become a permanent part of the facility. The tile wall tells the story of the families participating and it communicates the life and vitality of your organization. The tile wall can become an ongoing project, to be added to every few years if you wish.